Comparative Literature | Messiah and Apocalypse In Popular Culture
C151 | 16968 | Andrew Gipe

Department of Comparative Literature Spring 2007
CMLT C151/16968
Introduction to Popular Culture:
Messiah and Apocalypse In Popular Culture
*This course carries Cultural Studies credit and satisfies the A & H
MW 9:30-10:45 		Andrew Gipe

Course Description and Overview:
In times of socio-cultural stress, we – as a species- turn to very
ancient metaphors in an attempt to cope with or understand the
events, which are the source of our worries and stress.  The most
enduring of these images are the Messiah figure and the
Apocalyptic ‘End of Days’ motifs.  Whether used as a palliative or
as a counter response, both images have foundational imports in our
contemporary imaginations, stemming from the Three Abrahamic
Traditions.  In this course, we will investigate the core
mythologies of Messianism and Apocalyptic and then investigate its
use in a multitude of mediums in our contemporary cultures.  As a
focal point, we will also investigate what “Popular Culture” IS and
how we can study it, as we search for the Messianic and Apocalyptic
images of today.