Comparative Literature | Mystery, Crime, and Horror Lit: Poe’s Legacy
C217 | 8898 | April Witt

Department of Comparative Literature Spring 2007
C 217 Mystery, Crime, and Horror Lit:
Poe’s Legacy
Section 8898
April Witt 	MWF 10:10-11 A.M	WH005
*Above class meets A&H requirements*

Beginning with Edgar Allen Poe, this class will look at literary,
cinematic, and televised portrayals of the supernatural and super-
depraved actions of the living and the undead, and the processes of
reasoning whereby other men and women attempt to understand and
solve the mysteries created by these actions. This course will
follow a mainly historical approach to the genres, focusing on
American and British works with occasional forays into
representations from South America and Europe. Texts covered will
include, among others, Wilkie Collins’s The Moonstone, Henry James’s
The Turn of the Screw, Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger
Ackroyd, and Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep, plus a few short
stories from Arthur Conan Doyle and Jorge Borges, the film Interview
with a Vampire, and several episodes of CSI Vegas, Miami, and New