Comparative Literature | Mapping Immigration Through Contemporary Film
C291 | 15656 | Laila Amine


CMLT-C291 (Class # 15656)
Studies in Non-Western Film:
Mapping Immigration Through Contemporary Film
This course carries Cultural Studies and Art and Humanities Credit.

Laila Amine (
MW 10:10-11:00 (Class meetings)
M	6:30-8:30 (Film showings)

If immigration is at the center of current political debates in
Europe and the United States, it is also a major concern in Latin
America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia. This class investigates
the experience of immigration through films in the Western and non-
Western world. Through comparison, we will attempt to represent the
economic, social and political complexity of this global issue.
Another goal of the class is to investigate how the subject of
immigration alters film conventions and traditions such as ‘coming
of age,’ thriller, musical, drama, comedy, and Western.
Seminal films like Borders with Lou Dante, Inch’Allah Dimanche
starring Fejria Deliba, The Immigrant with Charlie Chaplin, and
Dirty Pretty Things with Audrey Tautou will form the point of
departure for our class discussions.

This class:
•	familiarizes students with film conventions and genres, and
gives students the tools to discuss and analyze films.
•	introduces central debates that surround the issue of
immigration in different regions of the world.

Course Requirements:
Students will complete two essays, a group presentation, a film
review, and a final examination.