Comparative Literature | Film and Literature
C310 | 8901 | B. Bakioglu

CMLT-C 310/8901  Film and Literature

B. Bakioglu      MWF 10:10-11:00
*Some Monday night Film showings

C310 is an interdisciplinary course on film and literature which
focuses on dystopic visions of human existence of the past, present,
and future. We will be looking at various films and novels that
depict such dystopias. Although fictional, these dystopias have one
or more connections to our world, but often in an imagined future or
alternate history. As such, they are similar to our world while at
the same time distant enough to present a powerful commentary on the
society in which we live.

This course will look at the creation of these dystopias and how
notions of dystopia have changed over time. We will investigate how
ruling governments, war, and the digital revolution have elicited
dark, fictional worlds in which the individual is hopelessly trapped.

*This class meets A&H requirements*