Comparative Literature | Cultures of Time and Space
C655 | 8911 | Prof. Hertz

CMLT-C 655/8911
The Arts and Their Interrelationship: Cultures of Time and Space

Prof. Hertz	 TR 4:00-5:15

A comparison of the different conceptions of time and space at work
in literature and the arts. Selections from poetry, art, music and
architecture from around the world.  Particular emphasis on the
comparative study of the sense of time in poetry as seen from a
global perspective. Readings will include Spencer, Shakespeare,
Brentano, Basho, Tao Qian, Baudelaire, Wallace Stevens and Eugenio
Montale. Particular attention to the concepts of time and space in
the work of Marcel Proust,  Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Ives, Elliot
Carter, and Frank Gehry.  Critical readings from anthropology,
literary criticism , art history and music history. Among these
readings will be selections from the work of William James, Lakoff
and Johnson, Lakoff and Turner, and Gaston Bachelard.  Required
attendance at the IU Art Museum and various cultural venues.

*Meets with CMLT-C 355*
*Satisfies A&H and Intensive Writing Requirements*