Comparative Literature | Federico Felliniís Cinema
C790 | 25203 | Professor Peter Bondanella

CMLT-C 790/25203
Studies in Film and Literature: Federico Felliniís Cinema

Professor Peter Bondanella   M 7:00-10:00pm , W 3:35-5:30pm

Federico Fellini's cinema will examine the entire range of Fellini's
work, from his early cartoons and scripts to almost all of his
films.  The seminar will be organized around student class
presentations and discussions with readings in several texts plus
numerous articles, interviews, and books on reserve in the library.
Students will be expected to write a serious research paper that may
treat film and literature in a number of perspectives (Fellini's
adaptation of literary classics; narrative in Fellini; etc.).
Students are not required to read or speak Italian, since most
readings are available both in English and Italian, and the films
screened all have subtitles.  Students are particularly encouraged
to base their research papers on the Fellini archive at the Lilly

*Meets with FRIT-M 825*