East Asian Languages and Cultures | Issues in Early Japanese Literature: Ladies, Lords, and Hermits
E201 | 26155 | Sarra

3 credits

In this lecture/discussion course we will be reading some of the
best known and most influential works of Japanís classical and early
medieval eras with attention to the representation of three groups
of characters: court women, aristocratic and/or warrior-class men,
and hermits (of both genders). The goal of the course is to
introduce students to the literate groups of classical Japan,
exploring social, political, and religious contexts as well as the
literary conventions created in this period to depict the world of
romantic love, norms of masculinity and femininity, and religious
aspirations. In addition to exploring Japanís premodern past, this
course aims to teach you basic skills in careful reading and
interpretation of literary and critical texts which should be widely
applicable to other courses in literature, history, and related