East Asian Languages and Cultures | The Nineteenth Century Japanese Novel as History
E505 | 26172 | Rubinger

This is the graduate section of EALC-E 352.

The class will read a number of major works of historical fiction
such as Shimazaki Toson's Before the Dawn and Broken Commandment,
stories by Mori Ogai, Ariyoshi's The Doctor's Wife, and Nitta's
Death March on Mt. Hakkoda, among others.  We will attempt to
ascertain where history leaves off and fiction begins by first
looking at the historical bases of these works. We will go on to
inquire how these authors use historical events for imaginative
works of literature. In looking at what gets lost in the process and
what is gained, the hope is to build greater understanding of both
historical and literary writing in nineteenth century Japan.