East Asian Languages and Cultures | Translation as Craft
J505 | 26159 | Sarra

Graduate section. 3 credits
P: grade of C or higher in J302 or equivalent proficiency

This is a course for graduate students and advanced undergraduates
(a graduate section will meet concurrently with the class and can
count for graduate credit in EALC). The goal of this course is to
provide students with a practicum in producing polished, literary
translations from Japanese to English. The course presupposes good
reading proficiency in modern Japanese, but moves toward developing
studentsí skills in translation and English style. We will also work
tangentially at developing skills in literary interpretation and
analysis, partly through our close-readings of the texts we are
translating, but also through readings in secondary materials on
translation issues, problems of narrative voice, poetic meter and
technique, etc. The range of texts we will read and translate
depends in part on student interest, but will focus largely on short
literary texts by contemporary Japanese writers of fiction, memoir
and essay. All readings in Japanese. This course counts for credit
as a Japanese language course (4th year level or above). Students
will be evaluated on the basis of daily participation in class,
regular written homework assignments, and a final translation