Education | Ideology, Curriculum, and Action
J762 | 16647 | Yazzie-Mintz

SPRING 2007 
J762: Ideology, Curriculum, and Action (16647)
Tuesday: 1:00-3:45p.m. *(see note below)

Instructor: Dr. Tarajean Yazzie-Mintz

In this J762 special topic doctoral seminar we will examine the
relationship among ideology, curriculum, and action.  How might
ideology of a market economy shape education (broadly defined),
learning, and teaching?  In what ways do multiple ideologies
embedded in ethnic cultures, local and national politics, religion,
and so forth shape how learning is conceptualized in and outside of
schools?  How does ideology drive curriculum?  How does curriculum
lead to action in the classroom and community?  What are the ways in
which interactions among ideology, curriculum, and action have been
documented in educational and community-based research?

We will examine case studies and educational models to engage in
debates about curriculum development and the social impact of
curriculum and ideology on schooling and education outside of
We will also engage in research that takes us from ideology, theory,
research findings, and curriculum to action in schools and other
educational environments.

This course is relevant to doctoral students whose research agendas
include examining curriculum and access, research on curriculum
(multicultural, democratic classrooms, culture and language in
schooling, immigrant education), research informed by curriculum
theory, critical theory, action-based education or community-based

Students will examine the ideologies that shape research inquiry,
purposes, methodology, and understanding of curriculum.  Seminar
participants will develop an inquiry project and process to link
purposeful curriculum research (methodology, analyses, and findings)
with intentions to take action with communities in which the
research is conducted.

*PLEASE NOTE: Original time of 4:00-6:45pm has been changed to 1:00-