Education | Topical Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction
J762 | 9397 | Chafel

J762 Topical Seminar in Curriculum and Instruction
Exploring Social Class
Spring 2007

Dr. Judith A. Chafel
3214 Education Building
Indiana University (Bloomington)

Meets on Monday from 4:00 to 6:45 p.m. in Room 3275 Education

Course Description

Intended for advanced graduate students, the seminar explores class
distinction in contemporary American society. We shall consider on
how class is defined, what it means to belong to a given “social
class,” and how class membership affects life chances in school and
society. After critically examining theoretical perspectives on
status attainment and social mobility, cultural capital, educational
stratification, and inequality in educational achievement, we shall
focus on how home and school reflect and perpetuate existing class
structures. Students will have an opportunity to co-lead seminar
discussions, keep a journal of their day-by-day observations of
social class, report on “conservative” and “liberal” treatment of
inequality in the popular press, and pursue independent study on
topics of special interest.

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For further information about the course, please contact Dr. Judith
Chafel at or 856-8136.