Fine Arts | Sacred Space and Sacred Spectacle: The Art of the Byzantine Church
A200 | 15410 | Schilb

This course will introduce the history of Byzantine church
	We will examine the arrangement and iconography of wall
paintings and mosaics in the distinctive spaces of Byzantine sacred
	How did Byzantine church decoration change over time?  What
similarities or variations can we find at churches in different
places?  What did these programs mean to Orthodox Christians? How
did  the paintings and mosaics illustrate Byzantine theology and
liturgy?  How were they arranged in the architectural spaces of
Byzantine churches?  To answer these questions, we will try to
imagine what it
was like to witness the sacred spectacle of Byzantine liturgy.

Attend lectures and participate in class discussions. 2 exams and 5
quizzes. You must complete a "reading analysis" assignment. You are
responsible for reading assignments from the text as well as any
other readings given to you in class.