Fine Arts | Plague, Death and Art in the Renaissance World (2nd 8 weeks course)
A200 | 27438 | Lichi

2nd 8 weeks course

In the last few decades alone, we have witnessed many spectacles of
death and disease, from wars and terrorism to AIDS, Mad Cow disease,
Anthrax, and West Nile Virus.  How do the arts contribute to our
understanding of these events?  How have the arts framed,
structured, altered, and shaped our cognition of mortality?  It is
these questions and many more that this course will engage.  Among
the topics we will examine are the Black Death of 1348, Torture and
Martyrdom, Images of War and Personifications of Death.  We will
analyze primarily art and literature of Europe, including paintings
by Jacques Louis David, Hans Baldung Grien, Peter Breugel, Albrecht
Durer, Rubens, and Picasso; readings will include short selections
from Sophocles, Boccaccio, Edgar Allen Poe, Kafka and Camus.    To
complement these artists and authors, we will also investigate a few
films, such as Twelve Monkeys.  I look forward to seeing you in