Fine Arts | The Classical Body (Topics in Ancient Art)
A310 | 25479 | Van Voorhis

The human body, particularly the nude body, is an important
component of the Greek and Roman artistic repertoire.  This course
will explore the representation of the human body, both nude and
draped, from Archaic Greece to the Late Roman period (ca. 600 B.C.
to A.D. 400).  Lectures and discussions will focus on the different
representational options for different categories of subjects,
including aristocratic men and women; kings, and emperors;
philosophers and poets; gods and goddesses; satyrs, nymphs and
hermaphrodites; and erotic figures, among others.  We will also
explore Greek and Roman attitudes toward the human body, especially
in regards to sexuality and gender, in order to understand better
how these works of art reflect (and challenge) the social and
cultural norms of their day.