Fine Arts | 20th Century Art
A342 | 25480 | Kennedy

The course will consider a succession of art movements and
artists that occupy significant positions in the history of
twentieth-century art—either as art “stars” (Pablo Picasso, Salvador
Dali, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol) or as outsiders whose status
reveals the power mechanisms of the art world (artists of color,
women artists, artists who pursued “unfashionable” subject matter or
ways of making art).

	Key areas of focus: the creation of modernism in the years
between 1905 to 1913, rationalism and anti-rationalism in the 1920s,
canonization of abstract painting as the dominant “modern” tendency
(beginning around 1913 and culminating in American abstract
expressionism), Pop Art, and the opposition to formalism that
emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, (environmental art, feminist art,
installations, and video).

Textbook: H. H. Arnason, History of Modern Art (fifth edition only,
do not buy earlier versions)

Paper: one 3-4 page paper presenting a single work of art to the
acquisition committee of a imagined university art museum.

Exams: Three essay plus short-answer exams