Fine Arts | Art & Archaeology of Rome (Graduate Section)
A414 | 25491 | Leach

This course will study the contributions of the visual arts to
defining Roman identity through its examination of major
developmental trends in architecture, sculpture and painting.
Emphasis will be on the interpretation of objects within their
social and physical contexts. In order to facilitate close exposure
to the objects and places studied, and multidimensional viewing the
class will meet in a classroom equipped with individual computer
terminals. Images discussed in class, as well as other,
supplementary images will be available on an Internet site for
individual inspection in connection with the course readings.
Readings will include both Roman literary sources and contemporary
books on the topics.

Graduate: In addition to keeping journals, as above, graduate
students will submit a research paper on a topic of their own
choosing. Also each graduate student will have the responsibility
for preparing background materials and leading discussion in a
segment of one class session.

Everyone: Mid-semester and final examinations