Fine Arts | 19th Century Painting I (Undergraduate AND Graduate Section)
A440 | 25497 | Facos

This lecture-based course will examine the birth of the modern art
world in an era marked by economic, political, and social
revolution.  Beginning with the emergence of the Industrial
Revolution and Neoclassicism in 1760s Britain and ending with the
gritty social realism accompanying the Europe-wide revolutions of
1848, the course will explore the cultural, historical, and
intellectual context in which artists developed radical new styles
and subjects.  The focus will be on the art and history of Britain,
France, and the German states and the approach will be
interdisciplinary.  Among the topics we will consider are: using the
past to legitimize the present, defining identity (personal,
national), the impact of the demise of absolute monarchs and the
rise of an affluent middle class, the effect of agrarian reform, and
the population explosion on the mental landscape of nineteenth-
century citizens, and the relationship between urbanization and
nature.  Grading will be based on a mid-term and final, as well as
participation and a research project.  Graduate students are
expected to read texts in French and/or German.