Fine Arts | Women as Artists, Patrons, and Audience in Medieval Art (Problems in Early Gothic Art)
A624 | 25505 | Reilly

As key participants in court culture, powerful abbesses and
businesswomen, women served as some of the most prominent patrons of
art and architecture in the Middle Ages.  In addition, women of all
classes were addressed by painting and sculptural programs that
sought to admonish and edify them.  Female artists  are much less
well known, but evidence of their role in the manufacture of
medieval art does exist.  We will explore the role of women in the
medieval art marketplace, their actions as patrons, and the ways in
which art could be employed to uplift or manipulate them.

The course grade will be composed of several different components:
-  a presentation and critique of at least one scholarly reading for
the class
-  a presentation on a subject designed in consultation with the
-  a 15-20 page research paper