Fine Arts | Ottoman Istanbul: From Imperial Capital to Modern Metropolis (Graduate section ONLY)
A667 | 25507 | Gruber/Cipa

This seminar is intended specifically for junior and senior and
graduate students interested in the history of the Ottoman empire,
the city of Istanbul, and Ottoman art and architecture.  It will be
limited to fifteen students and will include a week-long fieldtrip
to Istanbul (Spring Break 2007).  Students may enroll by
authorization after contacting either C. Gruber
( or H.E. Çipa (

	The goal of this course consists in understanding the
development of Istanbul from the time of the Ottoman conquest (1453
A.D.) to today, first as an imperial capital and later as a global
metropolis.  Istanbul will serve as a lens for understanding the
major moments of Ottoman political and social history, as well as
other turning moments in world history.  Major sites and monuments
that will be discussed and visited include: Hagia Sophia, the
palaces of Topkapi and Dolmabahçe, the mosques of Fatih, Sultan
Suleyman and Yeni Valide, Kariye Camii, the Rumeli Fortress, the
European quarter of Galata, and a boat trip up the Bosphorus to the
Black Sea.