Fine Arts | Painting 1
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S230 Painting 1

This is a general description based on an academic year semester.  It
is intended as a guide.  Your instructor will provide you with
specific course requirements.

Prerequisites:  F100, F101, and F102, or permission of instructor.

Working in a studio workshop setting, students will be introduced to
basic painting techniques, variety of materials, and to ideas that are
fundamental to painting.  Construction and preparation of surfaces is
covered as well as introduction to oil painting as a substance, its
plastic, chemical and visual properties.  Color mixing is
demonstrated.  Technical assistance continues throughout the semester.
Elements stressed are line, 2-dimension, value, color, 3-dimension
and surface.  The student is made aware of the function of each
element and its importance compositionally.  Each student is
encouraged to investigate their personal response to the quality of
each element and to use it intelligently and meaningfully in an
organized fashion.

The student is encouraged to investigate the medium and to develop
methods and habits which will eventually allow for a greater ease of

This is a studio workshop using still lifes, models, and landscapes.

A lab fee is charged.  Visit for fee