Fine Arts | Painting 2
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S331 Painting 2

P: S230

This is a general description based on an academic year semester.  It
is intended as a guide.  Your instructor will provide you with
specific course requirements.

Intermediate course in painting from the model and other sources.
Emphasis on technical command and understanding of the components of
painting space, color, volume, value, and scale. Media: oil or
acrylics. May be repeated once.

Students are given individual attention and encouraged to develop a
program for their work tailored to their interests.  Models and still
lifes are provided for those who choose to work from the source;
others are free to select a direction ranging from invented image
painting to non image painting.   Secondary technical instruction is
also given.  Slides are shown to encourage an interest in the vast
scope of painting solutions throughout history, as well as an
illustration of some particular point being stressed in class discussion.

The intention of the class is to develop studentsí visual awareness
through the painting media.

The course format includes work from media, still life, on location
and imagination.

Assignments/Tests/Grades:  Mostly classroom work with periodic
portfolio reviews and at the end of the semester.  Attendance is required.

A lab fee is charged.  Visit for fee