Folklore | Survey of Hip Hop
F252 | 16956 | Orejuela

Course offered second eight weeks.  Above class taught as a webased
course only.

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course.  Course materials will be available on OnCourse the day
before our first meeting.

We will meet on Monday at 4:00P for our first class on the web at
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This course examines rap music and hip hop culture as artistic and
sociological phenomena with emphasis on historical, cultural,
economic and political contexts. Discussions will include the co-
existence of various hip hop styles, their appropriation by the
music industry, and controversies resulting from the exploitation of
hip hop music and culture as a commodity for national and global
consumption. Class will meet 2 times on campus for the midterm and
the final exams.  Meets with AAAD-A 290.

Fulfills COAS Arts & Humanities, CSA