Folklore | Fieldwork in Folklore
F523 | 27206 | Bauman

Perspectives and methods for the empirical investigation of folklore
are an essential part of the folkloristís scholarly toolkit. In this
course, we will examine the epistemology and methodology of
ethnographic field research, with special attention to the principal
empirical foci of ethnography. What shall I look (or listen) for?
where can I find it? how can I make sense of it? how can I document
it? In pursuit of answers to these questions, we will read a range
of theoretical and substantive writings that offer some frames of
reference, guidelines, and illuminating examples. The readings, and
seminar discussions based upon them, will be complemented by a
series of empirical projects aimed at trying out the ideas and
methods in the real world. The written work for the course will
consist of reports based upon the field projects.

Textbooks and readings:
Briggs, Charles L. 1986. Learning How to Ask: A Sociolinguistic
Appraisal of the Role of
the Interview in Social Science Research. Cambridge: Cambridge
University Press.
An e-reserve reader.