French and Italian | Reading and Expression in French
F300 | 10449 | Panaite, Oana

Topic:  Les Femmes dans la literature française.  An introduction to
various genres of French and Francophone literature:  theater, short
prose, novel, lyrical poetry and prose poem. The reading list
focuses on the representation of female characters in literature and
includes poems by Du Bellay, Louise Labbé, Nerval, Baudelaire,
Apollinaire, Eluard, Senghor (texts provided on the course website);
a novella by Mérimée (Carmen), a play by Jean Anouilh
(Antigone) and a novel by Mariama Bâ (Une si longue
lettre).  Final grade is based on: presence and active
participation in class (15%), oral “explication de texte” (20%), two
4-page papers (20% each), mid-term examination (25%). Taught in
French. Prerequisite is F250; fulfills A & H requirement.