French and Italian | Roman et Poésie
F306 | 10452 | Stephens, Sonya Clare

This course will look at questions of first-person narration and the
lyric subject in novels and poetry of the nineteenth and twentienth
centuries. From the confessional novel Adolphe, by Benjamin
Constant, to Gide’s L’Immoraliste, and the autobiographical
fictions of Annie Ernaux (La Place) and Amélie Nothomb
(Stupeur et tremblements), we will examine notions such as
time and distance in narration, unreliable narration, and the
autobiographical pact, comparing our analysis of the subjective
voice in fiction with the lyric voice in poetry of the same period.
In an anthology (class pack) we will also study, then, the je
of the poet, questioning whether it is possible to speak of a poetic
autobiography. This course will be conducted in French.

Required books:
Constant, Benjamin. Adolphe (Paris: J’ai lu, 2003) ISBN:
Ernaux, Annie. La Place (Paris: Gallimard, 1986) ISBN: 2070377229
Gide, André. L’Immoraliste (Paris: Gallimard, 1972) ISBN: 2070362299
Nothomb, Amélie. Stupeur et tremblements (Paris: Livre de poche, 1999) ISBN: 2253150711
Class pack