French and Italian | Introduction á l’histoire de la civilisation française
F362 | 15988 | Wilkin, Rebecca

From the regency of Marie de Médicis (1610) to the end of the Second
Empire (1870), this course will familiarize students with key
institutions, actors, and events in the political and cultural
history of France. We will study political models (absolute
monarchy, republic, empire) in their relation to other institutions
(especially the church) as well as the people who shaped them
(Richelieu, Louis XIV, Robespierre, Napoléon I, Louis-Philippe,
Lamartine, Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte…), comparing power struggles
(the Fronde, the French Revolution, the Revolution of 1648),
economic development (agriculture, industry, colonialism, trade),
and the conditions of different types of people (courtiers,
peasants, city-dwellers, men, women, children). The format of the
class will be part lecture, part discussion. Readings include
selections of primary source materials, all in French, supplemented
with background information from The Cambridge Illustrated
History of France. Class will be conducted entirely in French.
Grades will be determined based on students’ daily preparation and
participation, quizzes, a 5-page paper, and a final exam.