French and Italian | Studies in 17th Century French Literature
F630 | 25392 | Brillaud, Jerome

This course is organized along two axes: the close readings of
specific texts and the contextual analyses of theatrical practices
in the 17th century. We will study in depth tragedies by Corneille
and Racine, focusing on the specificities of the dramatic language
and structure of 17th century tragedy. We will also read theoretical
texts on theater as well as treatises on declamation and on acting.

Reading list will include: 
Corneille: Médée; Le Cid; Horace; Polyeucte; Suréna; Discours
Racine: Andromaque; Britannicus; Bérénice; Iphigénie; Phèdre; Athalie
D’Aubignac: La Pratique du théâtre
Rapin: Réflexions sur la poétique d’Aristote
Bary: Méthode pour bien prononcer un discours et pour le bien animer