Geology | Our Planet and Its Future
G116 | 14660 | J. Dunning

Our Planet and Its Future (3 cr) N & M
This course is intended to provide the students with a clear
understanding of the Earth as a system.  One of the key elements of
the course is the effort in every section to emphasie issues that are
relevant to everyday life and present them in a way that captures the
imagination of the student.  One area of emphasis is the interaction
between the public policies we create and how they afect the earth
and our relationship to its systems.

The course has a substantial web component designed to assist the
student in developing an understanding of each section of the course
through multimedia exercises.  These exercises include; simulations
that allow the student to experience real-world problems and solve
them, exercises that provide the student with a measure of his or her
understanding of the material in the course, and virtual reality
exercises aimed at immersing the student in geologic environments.

The course is intended for non-science majors who have an interest in
the interaction between man and the earth.  There is a weekly