Germanic Languages | Intro to German Literature: Themes
G306 | 10630 | Lawson

G306 	Intro to German Literature: Themes
Topic: Rache, Vergeltung (und Schadenfreude?)
Instructor: Lawson
Prerequisite: G300 with a minimum of C-.  Recommended: G330

Course Description:
In common language, the themes of revenge and retaliation are
expressed in many and various ways: “settling the score,” “getting
even,” “what goes around comes around,”   “tit for tat”, “getting
one’s comeuppance”,  and on and on, and yet modern society almost
always frowns upon these sentiments, and individual, premeditated
revenge is against the law.   In G306, we will examine the treatment
of themes of revenge and “getting even” in works from different genres
and different times in German literature and ask, among other things,
how these treatments differ; how they drive the plot, the character
development, and the mood of the play, poem, or work of narrative
fiction in which they occur; and whether it matters who is getting
even with whom.  The readings will be in German and the course will be
taught in German, with the understanding that students need guidance
in developing proficiency in all skills. Class work will include
systematic vocabulary building designed to give students the tools
they need to discuss literary themes in German.

Required texts and materials:
Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Besuch der Alten Dame
Wilhelm Busch, Max und Moritz
Wilhelm und Jakob Grimm, „Frau Holle“
Conrad Ferdinand Meyer, „Die Füße im Feuer“
The film „Das Lied von Liebe und Tod“
and some secondary material to be provided by the instructor