Germanic Languages | Intermediate Norwegian II
K250 | 17074 | May

K250: Intermediate Norwegian II
*This section meets with graduate course K504.

K250 is a fourth semester language course that continues to develop
skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing Norwegian. The
course offers a thematic, communicative approach to language learning,
placing language within the context of culture. Classroom time focuses
on communication in all four areas, with primary focus on discussion
of topics related to Norway. Homework is designed to reinforce
vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and the understanding of
grammar. Thematic units covered in K251 include history and society,
travel, friendship and love, industry and occupations, international
relations, and the welfare system.

Required books:
A. Golden, Gedder, & Ryen. Laer mer norsk - Studiebok. N.W.Damm&Søn.
ISBN 8250812603

B. Golden, Gedder, & Ryen. Laer mer norsk - Arbeidsbok. N.W.Damm&Søn.
ISBN 8250812611

Recommended books
C. Haugen, Einar. Norwegian–English Dictionary. Madison, Wisconsin:
Univ. of Wisconsin Press. ISBN 299038742

D. Janus, Louis. Norwegian Verbs and Essentials of Grammar. MacGraw-
Hill. ISBN 084428596X