Germanic Languages | Advanced Dutch II
N506 | 26811 | Ham

N506	Advanced Dutch II
*This section meets with undergraduate course N330

This course introduces students to different levels of style and
expression and to written argumentation in Dutch. Texts also include
various literary genres and form the basis for in-class discussion and
for exercises designed to develop oral and written fluency. N330/N506
continues the thematic and linguistic explorations of contemporary
Dutch begun in N300/N505.  The course has two main goals: to build on
your Dutch linguistic skills and to expand your cultural knowledge
about the three countries where Dutch is the official language.  The
two aims of the course support each other—you learn language through
culture and culture through language. By the end of the semester you
should be able to understand and respond to a range of texts and media
from spheres as diverse as literature, politics, entertainment, and
philosophy. You should be able to identify and write in the stylistic
registers of description, summary, evaluation, persuasion and analysis.
Besides becoming more fluent in important topics in Dutch culture, you
will be expected to work steadily on developing your proficiency in
reading, writing and oral expression.
We shall also view two films, time and titles shall be announced well
ahead of time.
Requirements are position papers on the book and the films, a final
exam, regular class attendance, and participation in class discussions.

Required texts:
* R Dorrestein, Een hart van steen, 1998 ISBN 90 254 9736
* Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands als tweede taal, 2003 ISBN: 90
* Reader