Global Village Living-Learning Center | Global Odysseys :Travel Literature and Australia
G110 | 27420 | Goehlert, Robert

(3cr.) (A & H) (MTWR) (4:40 - 5:50 pm) (FQ 012A) Everyone travels
and the act of going on a journey is one of the fundamental
experiences of human life, just as it is a common metaphor for
individual human life. Journeys are the subject of just about every
literary genre in existence. This course will be organized around
the themes of discovery, identity, culture, history and travel
writing. The course will focus on the questions: What do we learn
about other places, people and cultures from travel literature? What
do we learn about ourselves by reading travel literature? There are
no simple answers to these questions, but there is the possibility
of exploring the issues in a number of different ways so that we
increase our knowledge. To this end we will consider examples of
travel writing from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries,
taking us around the world, to Australia and back home.