Global Village Living-Learning Center | How far is Too Far?: Violence and Politics in Europe
G120 | 16336 | Satchwell, Andy

(3 cr.) (S&H) (TR) (2:30 - 3:45) (FQ 012A) How much do you know
about 1988?  Chances are you were in diapers or maybe you weren’t
even born.  1988 saw the continued violence of the IRA, a failed
peace agreement with Basque separatists and the rise to power by
Slobodan Miloševic. The struggles for national autonomy continue to
change the geo-political world of today and we must learn from the
past to better understand our future. The unifying idea in all three
conflicts is the use of violence against non-combatants.  But how
far is too far?

The course will occur in three parts, each part analyzing a
different ethnic or religious conflict.  We will begin with the
struggle for an independent Ireland, the next case study will be the
Basque conflict in Spain, and we will end with the Yugoslav War.
Using representations of nationality in film, art and the print and
visual media we can make attempts to better understand the fight for
sovereignty and to what lengths humans will go to call themselves