Spanish and Portuguese | Literatures of the Portuguese Speaking World II
P501 | 25484 | L. Namorato

Professor Luciana Namorato

P501	Literatures of the Portuguese Speaking World II

TR 4:00pm – 5:15pm/class# 25484/3 cr./Location TBA

The second semester of a two-semester survey on the literatures of
the Portuguese-speaking world. In this course, we will examine the
concept of “Realism”--its adoption, transformation, and rejection--
by late nineteenth and twentieth-century Lusophone authors. We will
read prose, poetry, and essays from Lusophone Africa, Brazil and
Portugal. Authors include Aluísio Azevedo, Machado de Assis, Miguel
Torga, Fernando Pessoa, Luis Bernardo Honwana, and Mia Couto.

Assignments: midterm and final exams, and one final paper

This course meets jointly with Hisp P401 and Hisp P498.