Spanish and Portuguese | SPAIN: The Cultural Context
S411 | 10861 | Professor Estela Vieira

HISP-S 411  Spain: The Cultural Context (3credits)          CULTURE
Prerequisite:  S331 or equivalent

This course studies the cultural history of Spain. We begin with the
medieval times and the thriving Arab presence; continue to Spainís
Golden Age, overseas empire, and subsequent periods of political
turmoil and progress. This background will help our primary focus:
to understand the radical political and cultural changes that Spain
experiences throughout the twentieth century through today, from
Spainís Civil War, to Francoís Regime, to the cultural revolution of
the democratic period. The objective of the course is to develop a
critical, well-informed, and complex understanding of what defines
Spainís diverse cultural makeup and production. To do this we will
have to become critical and avid readers and interpreters of a
variety of cultural artifacts, including paintings, films, music,
architecture, and literary texts.

HISP-S 411 #10861  11:15A-12:05P  MWF  BH141  Professor Estela Vieira

Note:  This course carries culture studies credit.