Spanish and Portuguese | Theory and Criticism
S512 | 25496 | S. Wagschal

Professor Steven Wagschal

S512	Theory and Criticism

T 6:30pm  9:00pm/class# 25496/3cr./Location TBA

This course provides an introduction to literary theory and the
history of literary criticism by combining two approaches: (1)
readings in the major trends of twentieth-century theory (e.g.
Formalism, Post-Structuralism, etc.); and (2) analysis of
theoretically-informed literary criticism written by scholars of
Hispanic literatures and cultures.

In this seminar-style course, students will be expected to read all
materials before class and with great care, and to contribute to
class discussions. Each student will give at least one presentation
and write two papers, one of which will be a theory-engaged piece of
literary criticism.

The course will be conducted mostly in Spanish, except for the
readings, many of which will be in English.