Spanish and Portuguese | Spanish Literature of the 20th- & 21st -Centuries
S548 | 25499 | R. Vila-Belda

Professor Reyes Vila-Belda

S548	Spanish Literature of the 20th- & 21st-Centuries
Topic: “20th Century Spain: Intellectual and Popular Responses to

TR 8:00am – 9:15am/class# 25499/3cr./Location TBA

The aim of this course is to survey 20th century Spanish literature,
situating literary texts in their intellectual context of opposition
to political rule. This will allow us to rethink their cultural
meanings and implications, as well as to view them as a response to
power. Reading works by authors such as Machado, Valle-Inclán,
García Lorca, Martín Santos, Martín Gaite, and Vázquez Montalbán,
among others, will enable us apply techniques and theories of
literary analysis to the cultural and historical developments that
have shaped contemporary Spain.  Starting with the "Fin de siglo",
we will consider the cultural implications of the Institución Libre
de Enseñanza and the Residencia de Estudiantes, the Vanguardias, and
the Second Republic, the Civil War, the dictatorship of Franco and
the transition to democracy.  Along the way, we will discuss
concepts such as national identity and periphery, hegemony, and
popular culture.

This course is entirely conducted in Spanish.

Requirements: one exam (midterm), class presentations and one
research paper