Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in the Acquisition of Spanish
S614 | 25508 | K. Geeslin

Professor Kimberly Geeslin

S614	Topics in the Acquisition of Spanish
	Topic: Task Variation and Task Design

M 4:00pm  6:30pm/class# 25508/3cr./Location TBA

	This course focuses on issues related to research design,
data elicitation methods, and statistical analysis in the second
language acquisition of variable structures. Specifically, the
course will explore the variation that exists across tasks, the
degree to which particular tasks are effective for the investigation
of variable tasks, and relationship between variable structures and
obligatory contexts.  This course will guide students through the
major steps involved in the development of a research project
designed to analyze empirical data.  The main areas of discussion
will be: choosing a topic for research, generating research
questions, writing a research proposal and reviewing the relevant
literature, selecting the most appropriate data collection
techniques, obtaining approval to work with human participants,
coding and organizing the data in databases, choosing the
appropriate statistical analysis, and writing about the research
project in a professional style.  In order to study the areas above,
course readings will include published research studies, and there
will be hands-on practice in developing individual research
projects.  Evaluation will be based on several projects and
activities focused on individual aspects of the research process as
well as a more extensive final project.