Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in 18th- & 19th-Century Spanish Literature
S638 | 25509 | J. Sobrer

Professor Josep Sobrer

S638	Topics in 18th- and 19th-Century Spanish Literature
Topic: Romanticism and Spectacle

MF 9:30am – 10:45am/class# 25509/3cr./Location TBA

Romanticism might be the most misused word in literary studies as it
may refer to a period or to an intellectual attitude. In this course
we will explore the confluence of both meanings of the term and then
the impact of nineteenth-century Romanticism on society through
spectacle, mostly stage spectacle –theater– but not exclusively.

In addition to the texts specified below, we will read essays on the
concept of Romanticism in an attempt to establish the main features
of the movement and to study literature in its most public
projection: not literature meant for private consumption, but
literature meant for audiences. To this end we will also read some
theoretical essays on the social significance of spectacle (by Guy
Debord, Jean Duvignaud, and others)..

Text readings will include works by three Josés: Cadalso,
Espronceda, and Zorrilla; and by two Ángels: Saavedra (Rivas) and
Guimerà. And plays by Ventura de la Vega, García de la Huerta, and
Hartzenbusch. For a contrasting conclusion we will end with Valle-
Inclán 1912 play "La Marquesa Rosalinda" and try to map the
transition from Roamnticism to "Modernismo" and then to Cubism.