Spanish and Portuguese | Graduate Colloquium
S695 | 27526 | A. Mejías-López

Professor Alejandro Mejías-López

S695	Graduate Colloquium
Topic:  “Local/ Global:  The Politics of Knowledge and Space in
Contemporary Latin American Literature and Culture”

W 4:00-6:30pm/class# 27526/3 cr./Location TBA

This course will explore the intersection of power, knowledge,
space, and representation in two distant but related moments:
1880’s-1920’s (modernismo, regionalismo, indigenismo) and 1980’s-
2000’s (testimonio, indigenous movements, and the so-
called “generación X, generación de McOndo” or “post-post-boom”).
Some of the topics that will be discussed are:  culture, literature,
and (neo)liberalism; local, national, and transnational identities;
travel and migrations; urban space and ecology.

The course will be conducted in Spanish. Assignments will include
presentations and a final paper.  Materials may include journals,
fiction, crónicas, travel narratives, testimonios, and comunicados
(Martí, Darío, Arguedas, Rivera, Burgos&Menchú, Fuguet & Gómez,
Subcomandante Marcos), photography (Chambí, Modotti), film ("Amores
Perros", "Bolivia", "María Full of Grace", "Incidents of Travel in
Chichén Itza", "A Couple in a Cage"), and theory (Foucault, De
Certeau, Clifford, Rama, Sarlo, García Canclini, Mignolo).

This course meets jointly with LATM 526 and CULS C-701.