Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Hispanic Linguistics
S712 | 25511 | M. Díaz-Campos

Professor Manuel Díaz-Campos

S712	Topics in Hispanic Linguistics
	Topic: Dialect perception across the Spanish Speaking world

W 4:00pm – 6:30pm/class# 25511/3 cr./Location TBA

This is graduate-level seminar focused on the study of dialect
perception across the Spanish speaking world. The role of
variability and experience with language has important effects in
dialect categorization. Dialect variation is one of the indexical
properties of language and its study has implications not only for
spoken language theory, but also for sociolinguistics and
phonological theory. Therefore, the seminar will cover current
perspective providing an understanding of linguistic variability in
speech perception. The main goal is to examine an almost unexplored
subject in the Hispanic sociolinguistic literature. The basics of
dialect variation across Latin American and Spain, and the issue of
dealing with variation in Speech science and phonology will be
covered. We will review the available literature produced in dialect
perception in the English speaking world (Clopper and Pisoni 2004,
Preston 1986, 1993, among others) as well as articles examining
Spanish data. Students will be required to design and complete
research projects, participate in class discussion, and write a
final paper proposal.