Honors | Volcanoes Seminar (GEOL)
G190 | 10589 | Michael Hamburger

Tu 6:50-8:40pm
2nd eight-weeks class

Students! Interested in an exciting new way to take an introductory
science course in a spectacular mountain setting? Through the
support of the Collins Living-Learning Center, the Dept. of
Geological Sciences, and the Indiana Geological Survey, we will be
offering a new, introductory-level "expeditions" science course,
directed at both science and non-science students, and taught in the
mountains of the eastern Sierra Nevada. The course,
entitled "Volcanoes of the Eastern Sierra Nevada: Geology and
Natural Heritage of the Long Valley Caldera," is open to all
students on the IU campus. The course will be taught by Michael
Hamburger, professor of Geological Sciences, and John Rupp research
scientist with the Indiana Geological Survey. The class offers a
hands-on, inquiry-oriented introduction to the geological and
ecological setting of one of the most beautiful and environmentally
diverse areas of the western U.S.

Students can register for the class either as GEOL G188 or Collins
Living-Learning Center (L130). Both listings are eligible for COAS
TOPICS and N&M sciences credit. The course will be taught in the
first summer session, and will include a prerequisite seminar-style
class during the second half of the spring semester (GEOL G190, CLLC
L100), followed by a 2-week field trip to the Sierras, May 21 - June

If you are interested, take a look at our course web site:
http://www.indiana.edu/~sierra/ where you'll find course
information, some great photos from last year's field course and on-
line application information.

Questions?  Contact Michael Hamburger (hamburg@indiana.edu) or John
Rupp (rupp@indiana.edu) with any questions about the class.