Honors | Making Meaning Through Stories (HON)
H203 | 25516 | Ray Hedin

TuTh 11:15am-12:30pm

Perhaps more than any other medium stories have the power to move
us. First of all, this course will address why this is: why are
stories so powerful? How do they work? What do we gain by
understanding how they work? Secondly, we will focus on a range of
short stories, novels, autobiographies and films that are even more
powerful than others, stories that “matter,” that have an urgency to
them because of their subject matter, the centrality of the issues
that they raise (moral, emotional, social, etc.), their heightened
relevance to a particular audience or culture, or the way they are
written or presented.

The class will be run as a combination of (short) lecture and
(longer) discussion. Students will write two essays, a midterm exam,
a final exam, and a series of very brief commentaries along the way.