Honors | Ideas & Experience II (HON)
H212 | 10960 | Luis Davila

MWF 11:15am-12:05pm

“Know the truth and it shall make you free,” St. Paul tells us. What
might this ultimately mean? What be truth? How does it make us free?
What the consequences? Be there free will, freedom of choice, or is
there a determinism in all we do? Can truth be found? If this be so,
can it lead to wisdom and virtue? Old questions these, yet we will
read relatively modern writers in this our course. For pros and cons
we shall consult Rousseau, Stuart Mill, Thoreau, Bergson, Whitehead,
Garcia Marquez, Borges, Isabel Allende, and last but not least,

We shall see what they have to say about freedom, free will,
determinism, political liberty or even collective liberty at that.

We will try to ask the right questions. Hopefully, the truth may
make us free, as we discuss, debate and share our thoughts together.