Honors | Music & the Poetic Text (MUS)
N399 | 12581 | Robert Hatten

The seminar will begin with an exploration of the musical features
of poetic texts and their contribution to meaning (both literal and
tropological). We will continue with a broad historical sampling
(beginning with the Romantic era) of the ways particular poetic
texts have directly inspired or influenced or been interpreted by
musical works—whether or not the words are actually set or sung. The
focus of the course will be on the ways musical texts and their
associated poetic texts negotiate meaning through their distinctive
and shared forms of musical structuring (at all levels, including
meter, phrase rhythm, rhyme, assonance, alliteration, sound
symbolism, rhetorical structure, and form).

Assignments will include close analyses of the interrelationships
among musical and poetic texts, essays on interpreting those
relationships, and a final paper/presentation on an approved topic.