Honors | Living in the Information Age (TEL)
T101 | 25940 | Martinus Deuze

TuTh 9:30-10:45am

We spend most of our waking lives with media. Media are everywhere.
Media connect us to the wider world as we are ‘always on’ with our
desktops, laptops, and cell phones. We consume media all the time –
and, increasingly, we also make our own media: weblogs, podcasts,
Facebook and MySpace profile pages. In T101 we learn how to make
sense of it all, covering the past, present and future of media in
the context of developments in society; the economics and culture of
media; the working lives of media professionals in advertising,
news, film, tv, and games; and the influence of all of this on the
content of the media in everyday life. Ultimately we need to ask the
question: are media the directors, or just reflectors of our lives?
After T101 you will be able to take up an autonomous yet deeply
informed position in this debate – which will influence you
for the rest of your career.