Honors | Nonprofit Management & Leadership (SPEA)
V362 | 14694 | Beth Gazley

MW 9:30-10:45am

The nonprofit sector in the United States contains well over a
million organizations and is growing rapidly. An estimated 10% of
the American workforce is employed in the nonprofit sector, and one
in three individuals donates regular unpaid, volunteer labor to a
church, charity or other tax-exempt organization. Literally every
individual in the world has been served by a nonprofit or
nongovernmental organization at more than one point in his or her

Just as private businesses must adapt to the often rapid changes in
their external environment, nonprofit organizations also face
similar challenges imposed by changes in client needs, changing
workforces, and changing societal and political expectations. Many
of these changes also present opportunities, such as the opportunity
to expand an organizationís reach through new technologies like the
internet. In any case, change requires nonprofit leaders to be
equally as capable and talented as those who manage corporations.
Thus, one of the biggest issues facing the nonprofit sector today is
the quality of its management.

This course is designed to provide current and future nonprofit
managers and leaders with an overview of a range of nonprofit
management practices. Course projects and discussions are designed
to expand the management skills of students by offering analytical
tools and knowledge, and providing opportunities to test the
application of these skills.

Upon successful completion of this course, students can expect to
- An understanding of the major issues and concerns that nonprofit
organizations currently face
- Knowledge of nonprofit management methods and practices
- An understanding of laws and standards applicable to nonprofit
- Experience in analyzing management dilemmas and proposing responses
- Experience in presenting and defending positions
- Familiarity with resources useful for further investigation of
nonprofit management