Honors | Senior Policy Seminar (SPEA)
V449 | 17837 | Matthew Auer

MW 2:30-3:45pm

Now, more than ever, good policy analysis is vital to good
policymaking. Often, politicians and public administrators are not
formally trained as policymakers, and they are especially at a
disadvantage when striving to make policies that are complex or that
involve technical knowledge. In this course, we examine several
different policy analytical methods and concepts, all in an effort
to improve our understanding of the policymaking process and the
skilled practice of policymaking itself. We are especially
interested in evaluating policy problems more effectively, making
better policy choices, and conducting sound policy appraisals.
Policy analysis tools we employ include the policy sciences mapping
tools, descriptive statistics and correlation analysis, tools for
analyzing the performance of organizations and organizational
leaders, and analytical concepts from international political
economy. We apply these tools to case material that varies in both
scale (from local to global) and variety (from environmental and
urban affairs to international security studies).