Jewish Studies | Advanced Hebrew II
H350 | 11715 | S. Katz

Prerequisite: A grade of C or higher in JSTU-H 300 or a Hebrew score
of 15 or higher.

A continuation of H300/H670, this course will stress the essentials
of Hebrew grammar, conversation, composition, and reading skills.
Readings will also prepare students to work with advanced literary
and other Hebrew texts.  We will read selections from modern Hebrew
literature, newspapers and other materials to familiarize students
with current slang, journalistic and advanced Hebrew styles.
Written assignments and periodic exams will cover various units and
give participants an opportunity to hone their skills of
expression.  Grading will be based on attendance, participation,
homework and exams.

	Required Text:  Mazal Cohen, Agadah shel safah (Academon).

Fulfills: Jewish Studies Language & Literature course