Liberal Arts and Management Program | Work, Life, Law
L416 | 11724 | Prenkert, Jamie

After you finish school, you are likely to spend more than one third
of your life at work.  Considering that another significant chunk of
your life will (necessarily) be spent sleeping, the amount of time
you spend at work will likely far outweigh the amount of time you
spend at any other waketime activity.  Because we spend so much of
our time and energy at work, regulating the workplace is both a
necessity and a practice in social engineering.  Not surprisingly,
work rules and laws often mirror important policy issues confronting
other sectors of society.  This course will use, as a jumping-off
point, a variety of laws and legal regimes that target and regulate
work and the workplace in order for students to consider how life,
work and law interact and, more specifically, to analyze some
important policy issues that affect how we live, by affecting how we
work.  Ultimately, this course is designed to allow you to engage in
serious thought about your motivation for work; the proper place of
work in a balanced and fulfilled life; and, a bit more specifically,
society’s role, through law, in encouraging or mandating (and,
concomitantly, discouraging or punishing) certain work conditions,
opportunities, and behaviors.  In particular, we will focus on the
structure of the employment relationship, antidiscrimination laws,
workplace privacy issues, employee welfare and safety, loyalty and
whistle blowing, and work/life balance.